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Contract conditions for renting the apartments in Brauhaus Kö3 in 97486 Königsberg, Köslau Nr. 3

Please take notice of the following contract conditions that govern the contract relation between us and that you accept with your booking:


Contract party and person of contact for me as host is/are the person(s) named in the booking confirmation. The renter is liable towards me for all persons traveling with him, even if the renter himself is not participating in the trip. Multiple renters function as joint deptors.


The booking is closed solely by my written confirmation. Agreements that complement the order or differ from it are only valid if they are confirmed by me in writing.

Cancelation / termination:

The booking confirmation holds both parties liable as well as granting rights. It binds the host, to provide the apartment in the booked period and constitutes the host’s right to charge rent for this period no matter if the apartment was in fact used. Any kind of cancelation / termination after the closing of contract has to be executed in writing and is possible for both sides under the following conditions:

Cancelation for the renter before beginning of booking period/ departure ahead of schedule:

Primarily also in case of withdrawal from the booking or in case of departure ahead of schedule the agreed renting fee is due minus the cost the host saves, as long and as far as no other renting occurs.

In cancelation of the booking the renters agrees, depending on the time of cancelation to pay the following flat rate prices:

Cancelation happens up to 90 days before the renting period: 10 % of the agreed renting fee

Cancelation happens up to 30 days before the renting period: 30 % of the agreed renting fee

Cancelation happens up to 14 days before the renting period: 60 % of the agreed renting fee

Cancelation happens up to 5 days before the renting period: 80 % of the agreed renting fee

Cancelation happens less than 5 days before the renting period: 90 % of the agreed renting fee plus expenses for ordered meals if booked

Relevant time is the receival of the cancelation. In case the renter leaves the apartment ahead of schedule for reasons the host is not liable for the full renting fee for the full agreed upon period of rent does apply.

In all cases named above the renter is able to provide evidence of lower damage. A lower or no damage especially occurs when an das far as the apartment can be rented to someone else. The host is obliged to inform the renter without prior notice if and in case that, for which time period, other renting was possible and refund the amount due for that period.

Cancelation by host:

In case of force majeur or other reasons not in the responsibility of the host that hinder the renting of the aparment, the host has the right to exit the contract with emidate effect. Also the host has a special right to cancel if she comes to know facts about the renter / occupant after the closing of the contract that make it likely that there are circumstances in the renter / occupant that make the hosts contractual obligations towards other renters, the hosts business, the security or the reputation of the house that are objectively endangered. In this case any claims for damages from the renter are excluded. The right to cancelation is open to both parties.

Contract subject:

The subject of the contract is the renting of a holiday apartment. Existing additional / leasure equippment / installment can be used according to the terms of use by the guest and his fellow travelers. Where noted in the brochure a fee occurs. Please note that all equippment is only available to persons that are guests of the house (renter and fellow traverlers boarded here). As far as the price of the apartment is depending on the number of occupants, the price lowers or rises if the actual use differs from the booking information.

The renter and the fellow travelers are obliged to use the apartments as well as the additional /leasure equipment / installment with great care and report damages immediately. The renter is liable for any damages that he or his fellow travelers create.

In this connection the host explicitely states that smoking is prohibited in the apartments. On the terrass / patio and on the premises we ask for great care when smoking because of the surrounding historic buildings.

Bringing pets is only possible in exceptional cases. In case you plan to bring your pet, this has to be arranged with the host PRIOR to your arrival. Please consider, though, that the apartments are not set up for pets and are not suitable for them. Special care is needed that the pet does not create damages to the building as well as the furniture.

The apartment is returned on the day of departure in clean swept state. The final cleaning is included in the rent.

Conditions of payment:

The renting price is to be paid prior to arrival via bank transfer or on the first day of stay in cash. When booking through online portals the conditions listed there apply.


The host is working to make the guests‘ stay as pleasant as possible. Disturbances and faults have to be reported to the host immediately; she will take all resonable measures to change the situation immediately. Independent of that, claims for damages can only be brought in case of willful acting of gross negligence, unless there are binding legal rules in place. There especially is no liabilty for damages o floss of parked vehicles, items within them, bicycles, etc. Concerning the items brought by the guest or fellow travelers the host is not liable for damages or theft or force majeur or thrid parties (e.g. burglary).

Partially invalidity, severability clause:

Should one of the conditions above or one of other conditions between the parties be or become legally invalid, these conditions will not be deemed invalid in total. For the case named before the parties now agree that the invalid clause is replaced by a clause that is valid and that gets as close as possible to what the parties intended in its result while not posing an unsuitable disadvantage to one party.