A vacation day in Brauhaus 3 in Köslau. This is how it can be:

Wake up fully relaxed, the sun tickeling the tip of your nose. Let the light flood in, listening to the chatter of birds in the tree. Make a cozy breakfast and enjoy the view into the green outdoors. Tie your running shoes and go jogging in the natural park as a sports enthusiast. Courageous guests use the early hour to take a short dip into our natural pond. Possibly you also just want to enjoy the freshness of the waking day with a steaming cup of coffee in your hands.

Then out into nature. Go for a round of golf again. Explore castles and ruins, see rare wildlife cross your path. Window shopping through tiny Franconian cities. Discover the world cultural heritage Bamberg. Try regional specialties. Museum, exhibit, small arts, rose festivals, medival garden festivals, concert, farmers‘ market – every season offers different possibilities. Or just sit on your very own balcony and relax. Unwatched. Book and beer mug in reach, looking off into the distance and choose between enjoying the warm sun or coling shade. Let your mind wander while taking in the view of the rolling hill with forrests, meadows and fields. Re-energize in the calm atmosphere.

Have a chat with your hosts. About beer brewing, for example, visit the house brewery. Try a bit of the self brewed beer. Get inside tipps about the area…

At night make your tasty homecooked meal or have restaurants near by serve you with excellent slow-food or typical Franconian-hearty dishes.
Visit a Heckenwirtschaft (seasonal vinyard inns, typical for the region) and visit the vintners in the vinyards. With a glass of wine in hand, sit in front of the house or on your balcony or patio in a relaxing chair and listen to the crickets while the light of the day fades softly. Take another walk around the pond. Enjoy your stay. Look forward to tomorrow.


Information about the area:


neighboring towns:
www.bamberg.de World cultural heritage city Bamberg
www.coburg.de Values and change
www.bayreuth.de Cultur city between green hills, festival city
www.nuernberg.de middle Franconian metropolis
www.koenigsberg.de Regiomontanus City, historic city center with romantic timber frame houses
www.zeil-am-main.de smaller wine city at the river Main
www.sesslach.de attractive medieval city with full historic city wall



Arts and music: 

www.bilderundkurse.de „The beginning of everything is courage“ Learn to paint with Susanne Becker, here or in the artist’s workshop
www.capella-antiqua.de concerts of old music, workshop for historic instruments, classes in building a traditional harp instrument (Zauberharfe)
www.kunst-handwerkerhof.de in Königsberg, arts exhibits, classes, culinary experiences
www.kulturpfad-franken.de Journey through the middle ages
www.schloss-weissenbrunn.de  A special place for arts and music where something special is created 
www.schloesser-und-musik.de special concerts: Music in Franconian castles

Golf:Golfclub Hassberge - Golfen mit Panorama!

www.golfclub-hassberge.de In a serene environment you find one of the most beautiful and most challenging golf resorts of the region. 18 holes surrounded by old oak forrests on a rolling hill plateau with an amazing view of the Main valley.

Amusement parks:
www.freizeit-land.de  in Geiselwind, ca. 48 km side roads, large amusement park the rides
www.schloss-thurn.de in Heroldsbach, ca. 78 km mainly highway: fairy tales, knights and cowboys
www.playmobil-funpark.de in Zirndorf, ca. 98 km almost only highway: Park with Playmobil-figurine-landscapes
www.wildpark-tambach.de in Weitramsdorf near Coburg, ca. 32 km, local wildlife, birds of prey
www.maerchenwald-sambachshof.de in Bad Königshofen, ca. 43 km curve rich side roads
www.tiergarten.nuernberg.de in Nürnberg, ca. 100 km mainly highway: beautiful landscape-zoo
www.monsterbagger.de in Rattelsdorf, ca. 25 km sideroads, amusement park for excavator fans

Our other holiday homes:
www.fewo-hassberge.de our own best-established 5 ***** star holiday apartment right next door
www.ufo47.de the very special galactic holiday-home 


This is where our custom made interior is crafted: in our own workshop with regional wood:

This is where our brewing kettle is from:

This is where our ecological infrared heating is from:

Sustainability has always been important to us: We produce electricity and hot water wit hsolar energy in our own photovoltaic systems. We avoid plastics as much as possible and rely on natural and environmentally friendly materials.